“German Sausage Wisdoms” Illustration Series

I heard the saying – “all things have one end, except sausages have two”, I am amused and impressed by this saying so much, I’ve decided to find more German sayings about sausages and made series of illustrations out of it. It was really fun!

1. “Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei” – Everything has an ending only sausage has two.


2. “Ein armes Würstchen” – “A poor little sausage”
meaning a person in an uncomfortable and hopeless situation, usually used in sarcastic context.


3. “Extrawurst” -“Extra sausage”
extra sausage means special treatment, like if someone’s being a diva, you can say ‘you can’t always want an extra sausage!’


4. “Die beleidigte Leberwurst” – “The offended liver sausage”
that is a sulking person, like this 😤